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Nov 8, 2009

Sidebar Is Missing And Jump Down To The Bottom Of The Blog

OMG! How many hours have been wasted just to find out what the heck happened to the sidebar?!! OK, for those who have the same problem as I was, lucky you..

You post in your blog and then you tinkered your widgets when you view your site this happened:

Sidebar slides down and stays down at the bottom of the blog.

In this case there are certain things you need to check, I'm going to start with the easiest one that most likely is the problem.
  • For your last post, did you put in the jump break ("read more")? Because I have found that it's the problem in my own blog. Apparently this tiny guy doesn't fit well with everyone because sometimes he comes between a man and his wife (
    ). So, all you need to do is open the edit HTML for your post in edit post and then check whether  try to come between the gentleman and his lady. Then, before the love birds got mad and throw your sidebar down the hill, you'd better make sure the little man comes either before
    or after
  • Check in your layout - in the html, the size of the main body and the side bar. Make sure the addition of both size do not exceed the outer frame. Do a ctrl+f and then type in the small search box #sidebar and there you can see the size of the sidebar and search #main for the size of the main frame.
  • Check each post individually. Open it individually in your browser and if the sidebar doesn't come up for one of the posts, that is certainly the culprit. Most likely because there's an image that's too big for the main frame to contain or the little guy is meddling in another love affair. 
  • If all the posts have the same problem, check the html again. Some html has specific px location. Do ctrl+f and key in "#side" see if the frame has for example: margin-left and margin-top. If they do, well, what you can do is adjust it. If the sidebar is at the bottom and the margin shows high numbers, that mean, you need to put in the number most likely half of it. Check your blog and adjust as you go. This happened to this template that I have been wanting to use for sometime. 
  • Last one would be to check your html for divtag (don't ask me what that is). But seriously, before I had to do this (because I refused to check the html, might as well let the sidebar stay down for me) I did the third one, then the second one and finally scored with the first one. <--- This one is actually the first check list. Dunno why people would make it more difficult but isn't it way easier to explain it in a simple term and not the mumbo jumbo of machine's lang. Seriously!
So, I hope those check list might help. Furthermore, I also link my sources for these check list. Good luck!

PS: Can't find The other sources for the two checks while for check list number 4, I tinkered with it myself. So, just take my word on it, yes.


Anonymous said...


Yes, I did laugh at your problems lil nadia. Luckily I don't got that problem at wordpress but it sux since I can't chance the templates except using the ones which they put up. So no playing with the layout as you can with blogspot....a big minus if you ask me but the rest of the stuff is really nice.

/me laughs again at nadia's problems and goes back to irc

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