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Nov 10, 2009

Bitchy Days

For the last several weeks, the schedules' got to be the bitchiest ones. Usually God have mercy on me and it would only be hours of a day or two of trial, but this time two full days are full.. FULLL with smart asses I have the misfortune to teach;

Needless to say that after each of these days, I'd be too wrung out to make a coherent sentence (yes, it's way worse than my normal dumbest moment) without having a full 8 hours sleep. However, God still loves me despite of His trials by giving me the nicest friendliest smartest and most fun class that I have ever taught in my life - Feuh, lot's of good adjectives there but still can't express how I feel professionally and personally about this class. Too bad I only have them 3X a week, wish all of my classes are like this one.

Being a teacher in a formal school can be a drag, but being a teacher in a language institution like where I work can be worse than that. There are great moments but there are also times when our spirit would be dragged into the mud, trampled on and then spit on. If you survive this, you'll feel that you've conquered the world until the next obstacle (read: trying classes) surfaced - which is more often than you can imagined.

I've survived the battle today, with deep scars to my soul, dreading the time when the other bitchiest day arrive. Ganbatte and jiayou to all fellow colleagues out there who's experiencing the same thing. It's time for me to take my med and that 8 hours of sleep. Good nite.


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