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Nov 20, 2009

About 2012 Movie - 2009

Just watched 2012 last night, till I fell asleep (that's how boring and unrealistic it was). Don't understand why  some people in one of the Islamic organization here would forbid people to watch it. Bet they haven't watched it so they got worried. Coz if they had, they would laugh their asses off. People even teens nowadays are smart and instead of telling people not to watch (which make them more curious), these people should use the movie to educate. And seriously, it's overrated

Firstly, the visual effects (I love these things, usually). The movie's visual effects suck big time. It's lame because it's sooo fake. I dunno what the director was thinking. I thought the main point of visual effects are to make the - nearly and - impossible stuffs believable which they fail to do here.

Second and third, OMG another suckie script doubly worse because the actors can't deliver it well. 

Then again, it's my opinion. Dunno about you guys but seriously, if you want to waste 2.5 hours of your life, go watch it ^_^ Each to it's own, right?


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