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Nov 9, 2009

Pets Around The World

As promised.. Here's the pictures of my friends' and my pets. So you know these animals do exist, scattered around the world. *I put in Cheesy Line and Trivia if you know cheesier line or the answer to the Trivia, post it in comment*

Ochi's Puppies
Pitucha And Dengosa

Ochi said there's no picture of Dengosa in any cute clothes because she can't stay still when she's inside one. We know the feelings, hun. Either you tear those clingy wrapper to pieces or run run run like hell in hopes you can leave it behind if you run fast enough.

Karekon's White Fluffy Cat
Västra Götaland - Sweden

Hearing Kare talks about this fluffy cuteness, you'd think it's the ebil cat who's trying to rule the world and kills everyone while he's at it (remember that cats vs dogs movie, me think Kare stole that story).
Cheesy line timeSuch cuteness should be illegal!

Brother Mike's Puppies
- No Names Yet -
Los Angeles - United States

Not really sure how many puppies he's got at home but so far I spotted these three. Don't ask what breeds they are coz I'm clueless. I'll ask him the breeds when he's got time to spare. Three tiny wittle puppies!!

Ghostcheese's Tiny Creatures
The Frog and The Turtle
Mississippi - USA
- Photobuckets pics gone missing-

Chizu was the one to tell me about buying tadpoles to raise the frog out of them (seriously EEWW, last time I saw a frog in front of the house... it's HUGE and creepy, needless to say, I jumped on the nearest chair which happened to be above it ;__;). As for her turtle, so jealous...
Trivia: When you look at the tadpoles, what animal comes to your mind?

Meet Oreo, Chizu's other zoo's occupant. Chizu brags that this is the first original Ninja Cat. Well, no wonder, look how she (yes, it's a she) blends right to the (back of the) background.


Seji's Kitties
Pippin And Yuki
West Virginia - USA

Seji has sent me these and a bit of an info on both of these kitties. Pippin, the American longhair (mutt) is the cute one that'll to anything to be petted (look at the fur, ofc it'll beg to be petted). Personally, I think cats let us humans pet them just to their advantage (smoothing the fur or scratching those itch). I don't really care, I love these animals. And according to Seji, Yuki the Flamepoint Siamese's the plotter. Is it just me or are all the white kitties have ebil needs, to conquer the world >_<

Alpha's CatDog
Elessar And Lucy
Västerbotten - Sweden

Alpha said Elessar, the Golden Retriever, lives with his parents so we're not going to comment on the adorable pup. However, Lucy is another matter... Just realised that all the cats except the one in US are a lazy bunch. All their pose are on beds sleeping or sleeping.
Trivia: Why do cats love sleeping?

Koo aka Coo aka Skuld's Trio
Kyoubi, T-Moon, Revenge (Reif)
Kelantan - Malaysia

More cute cats, this time from my neighbour Malaysia. Apparently Koo and his sister used to have a dozen or so cats but since his Mom can't stand them, they were forced to let go all but three. At least they are still allowed to keep these purrty kitties.
PZ's Pomeranian
- No Name -

PZ messaged me this cute beyond words puppy in it's adorable pose ^_^ (although in closer look it doesn't seem to enjoy it's pose.. shame on you PZ!)

My Beloved Fur Ball
Jakarta - Indonesia

No need for an introduction since I've dedicated one post specially for him ^_^


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kaLau keceBoNg cHiiy d deKett RuMah.ku baNyagg nduNng..
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Skulds cats are so cute! O_O

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