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Nov 9, 2009

Part Time Jobs with ISC

It's annoying to forget the time.. I forgot that most of my friends on IRC live in more than 5 hours different time zones and I forgot that I have a part time job as an International Service Check coordinator in the morning. Shouldn't have stayed up chatting until two and then remembered, haven't done some of the certificates (for my full time job) that I should have submitted last month.

Ochi gave me the bad bad news that Manchester United LOST! I have this believe - it's stupid but I believe in it anyway - That don't tell me when Man Utd is going to play because just by thinking about it, they'll loose. Unless of course, I'm at home. Then I just have to watch with Dad and lil bro.

Working as ISC coordinator means
that I call people up using Skype from Sabang until Merauke - Indonesian's famous saying to say Indonesia is really wide/big, because Sabang and Merauke are in opposite side of each other. According to Ochi, my part time job is as a sex phone operator, don't mind being called that but just need to add a tiny bit more information.. CHEAP! It doesn't pay much but it is after all only to tie ends meet.

So, last night when I checked my ISC programme, I found out that I had an email. When I opened it, it's screaming "Bastard!!!" because someone removed his check so he can't fill in the report. So, I then copied the email and then forwarded it to my colleagues. And then someone started interrogating me because he thought that I cancelled the check! Duuh please.. Althought I only worked like total 2 weeks out of the 2 months I've been working for ISC, I know I'm not supposed to cancel a check without proper procedure. I can be an idiot but not about this kind of thing.

My supervisor previously wasn't Indonesian and she loved to drop many many checks on me (it's good coz it means lotsa money). I could get as high as 21 checks to be assigned in one time. But now my Indonesian supervisor, I'm lucky if I could get 5 checks a day.. That makes me kinda miss my former supervisor.

What is International Service Check? 

Well, have you ever heard the term "mystery shopper"? Mystery shopper is someone who's assigned to come to a specific store to objectively evaluate the services provided by the store crews while acting as a customer. Why the mystery? Because from personal experience if they guessed that you're a mystery shopper or service checker, you'll get the best treatment of the century which is not going to be objective.

The stores would have an idea when  you're coming but that doesn't mean they're going to directly ask you whether you're the checker or not. In case your cover is blown to bits and pieces, you have to cancel that check which of course means no fee.

It doesn't pay a lot but as part time goes, it's fun. You get to eat in restaurants or maybe even shop and will be reimbursed and get a fee for your trouble. Nice, nee! Unfortunately for us Indonesian, most of the available checks are McDonalds' checks. However I've got it in good authority that abroad you can also get checks for Burger Kings and even shopping clothes. Again, this is great fun way to earn pocket money as long as you don't make this your main income.

There are several companies like this around the world. And most of these companies have websites for registration. You can google "mystery shopper" or "service checker" to find out if they are available near you. Now, my job as a coordinator I got from being a service checker, niffty hmm? They offered me a part time job as the coordinator meanwhile I can still accept checks.

You never know where or when opportunity might knock but when it does, just grab it by the hand and drag it inside before you inspect it further. However, that's only one point of view. My view.


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