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Nov 8, 2009

Reading Is A Passion

I have been reading novels almost all my life. Specifically romantic novels (in it's original language English, coz I found the translated versions quite frankly sucks). The first novel I read was Sandra Brown's "Where There's Smoke" when I was in the 12th Grade (Third Grade SMA) that I borrowed from my neighbour who is married to an Australian. Boy, was I hooked since then on. I looked for that novel for years (from 1995) and found
a newly printed copy (the quality sucks) last year.

Why, romantic novels? Mostly because I can enjoy it without the need to think like some genre out there that makes your brain spins and spins. You know what I mean, but each to its own, so if you enjoy reading those heavy stories, go right ahead. Personally, I read for entertainment which I do so the brain can relax.

Reading has always been a passion much more so than watching movies or cooking or travelling or swimming. However, I started from those manga (Japanese comics) when I was in Junior High (when manga started flooding Indonesia with candy-candy). I used to spend all my stipend money on one day trip to Gramedia (a major book store). Odd thing is, my Dad knew this and yet, he's the one who would tell us we're off to the book store right after he gave us the money. He complained afterwards because I'd be broke when we got home but he still took us there right after he handed out our pocket money. He's a character, a lovable character ^_^.

Well, I had a collection after years of collecting that took one third of the wardrobe until that day I decided to sell most of them to my best friend, Ilus. Now, I only collect selected manga from selected mangaka although most of them in CD because lately I usually download those manga instead of buying the hardcopy. Thanks to the scantlation groups on IRC and on the web.

I had a wonderful 6 years with manga when I met romantic novels. English has always been a marvel, most time I can express myself better in English than my own native language. Hence it's like finding a treasure when I happened on those first few English Novels that I borrowed.

Then, the shifting in what I bought in Gramedia was noticed by Dad, and he approved (he even commissioned the nice cabinet for all those novels). Although considering it can be really engrossing, he should put a limit on what and when I can read, which he didn't do and tried to do now to no avail. Novels are obviously more expensive than mangas and that's why I was broke most of the time until a friend, Dini, told me of this small book store in Melawai Plaza called Rubino. It sells imported novels and magazines cheaper than in Gramedia or other bookstores. I could go two-three times a week there to get novels and I'd start reading right before I set a foot outside the store.

They even had my numbers, so they could call me everytime they get a new shipment of novels (they sure know how gullible I am for novels). Now, they won't call me because, bleh, I am 1 hour plane ride away. I used to go months without a new novels that I went crazed when I got back home which so far resulted in 3 same copies that I bought barely 3 days of each other.

However, since chizu told me about this chan on IRC where she said I could get any novels that I want (I wanted a Lady of The Dragon from Suzanne Robinson since 1997/8 when I read the summary). I of course didn't take her word for it. So, I spend a week trying to find the book online, even had a corresponding with someone who said he's got that copy." Until chizu said "WHAT exactly are you looking for?" I told her and in less than 10minutes she said "Is this it?" and it was!

To cut the story short, now, I'm hooked reading those ebooks. It can be annoying because they need laptop to be open (can't afford the small thing to read it) but it sure keeps me up to date on my favourite authors. Best thing is, it's FREE! GRATIS!

Although idiot that I am, whenever I'm near a bookstore that sells novels, I'd still go in. There's nothing to beat the feeling of holding the book in your hands while reading on bed under the cover.


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