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Nov 9, 2009

Google Said WTH Are You Talking About

I've been trying to spot this blog with google barely what you called a success!

  • First, I put in confuzzled-world, blogspot, nadia which resulted in my lifejournal about the blog...
  • Second, I typed in confuzzled-world, blogspot, dogs training, lots of results and until result page 8 no sign of the blog ;__;
  • Then it was confuzzled-world, blogspot, one point of view which resulted in 2800 results and still doesn't spot this blog until I gave up in page 8.
  • After that it was "confuzzled-world", blogspot, one point of view which resulted in a single result and obviously not mine.
  • Finally it was "confuzzled-world", blogspot, pets around the world which resulted in one blessfully almost empty result which featured - yes - my very own blog! Joy to the world~

I'm pretty sure the blog should have been easier to find, if only people would comment on them! Seriously, help me out here PLUS you don't have to sign up to comment. How much clearer do I have to be? Desperate here!!


NoooN said...

nice theme you used here nad and i don't know much about how to make your page get to the top results on google search hope this will help thou XD

Nadia said...

Not really sure myself, but it's just easier to blame people xD

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