To My World Where Being Confuzzled Is As Natural As Breathing

Nov 8, 2009


I was talking to the-one in vis (well, more like spamming msgs) when suddenly... Tummy rolls inside and burns, a sure sign that hunger is at bay or my ulcer is acting out (one and the same problem).

Too lazy to dress up to go out but too lazy to go down the stairs to wash the dishes so these following actions can be done:
  • buy edible food, or
  • cook instant noodle, or as a last resort
  • drink my meal as I have been  doing when I got desperate for food (no, it's not alcohol >_<)
And... (ohhh the horrors!) got no more cookies in the room (have been hibernating for the last 4 days so, ofc cookies as main food so far, got demolished quite thoroughly). What to do, what to do..


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