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Nov 7, 2009

Exasperated By Templates

When I was begging my friends on IRC to comment in my blog, one of them, Kakku said "I'll check your blog if you check mine." I'd do anything to get people to come to my blog so I said sure, why not. And when I opened her blog, OMG! She has a really really cute template.

I was drolling by the time I snapped myself of staring at her template. I asked her ASAP where could she get such cute templates.

I know I'm centuries behind in this blogging business but pretty sure there was a wise person who said "It's never to late to start." So, I asked Kakku first, where had she got that nice template. She said from the net. Sometimes I can be such an idiot no wonder I confuzzled most of the time. So I consulted Uncle Google and there they were. A searched with "free blogger template" resulted in 54 Million hits. WOW!

I've got beautiful templates and of course free ones. I couldn't wait to apply it to my own blog. Then in the setting, I got stumped.. I didn't know where to upload these nice beautiful templates that I have downloaded. I asked Kakku and I think she thinks that it's too stupid a question to even bother telling me so. So, I turn my hopes again to Uncle Google. Apparently, it's pretty easy and guess what, the templates themselves come with a "read me" text on how to install. If you think that's dumb, guess how long I was searching Google to find out how to upload the template. Too long indeed..

It's in layout. If you don't use classical template then there under the heading of "edit html" is an option to upload. Now, all of the read me text suggested that we save our original template (the button is right above the upload buttons). So I did, but somehow my sidebar slides all the way down down down hill right under my first post. Isn't that a bitch. Before I found that out, apparently these templates usually have fewer links or sidebars, so if you noticed a red warning on top of the html code saying you're going to delete them, just do it. You have your original template safe and sound, no worries.

Now, the template I chose is made of Spain and wonder of wonder it's in Spanish. So, I deleted my blog list, my profile and my links (obviously aside from adsense those three were the main resident on sidebar). Then I checked my blog view, and wow, sidebar was still down under. I clicked this and that. Got sweaty with nervousness and nothing. NADA. ZIP. In an act of desperation, I directly revert to classical template. It worked!

Then I change the template to a newer template. Guess what it can't hold the sidebar on the side. Down they go (I think sidebar needs to loose some weight). So, another classical template (I did this around 7times) and tried another new template, same thing.. Until the son template.

Do I give up? Heck NO! Just need to eat before starting to tinker around. Brother Mike said that he hasn't found a good template that doesn't need a bit of tinkering before he can use it. I'm taking his word for it and saving this one template as my original. Crosses fingers peeps.


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