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Mar 17, 2010

Busy Days

My friend asked me to sell a new Swarovski mobile strap. It's cute but not my thing.. For those who are interested and happen to be in DKI Jakarta, give me a ring and buy it, please.. *puppies eyes mode - ON*

Another friend was shocked that my blog is still alive.. Me too for that matter ;D Life is so busy that no time to update whats happening *read that - too lazy to even open thy's blog* but seriously, what with the heart pounding time, bills are coming in, and the money from paypal is still at least 2-3days from getting to bank account.. busy..

Hmm, going back home in August - hopefully not forever - back to job hunting without Master Degree in belt *sighs* Can't even sleep on one's own bed coz the paranoia that "something" is sleeping on it and then more paranoia finding out the flea-plant -stray cat- was sleeping inside bedroom.. sprayed the whole room with bug spray *ohh please please please God, let the fleas be killed!* then.. closed the curtain and stayed inside while the air was heavily invested with the bug-spray.. couldn't breath, coughing like crazy and the throat itched and just wanting to cough more till puking limit.. busy..

Well, that's it for tonight, trying to sleep the night away.. waking up before 7 AM (hopefully) and calling people up by hoping, noone will scream or complain about the fee.. busy busy days~


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