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Feb 2, 2010

Quacker Oat Homemade Nugget Recipe

OK, this recipe is courtesy of one Susy Leo in Bekasi. She is sworn by this recipe.

So, I asked for permission to post it online here instead of her keep typing the whole ingridients and steps over and over again. There's an English and Indonesian version, so.. Enjoy!

English Version:

What you need to prepare are:
- 1/2 Kg Chicken or more (I opted for more since the house is full of grown up who insist on keep growing)
- ginger, salt, pepper (no, you don't need the whole bottle of them, to save some money, just "borrow" from your neighbours)
- Flour
- eggs (they're pretty necessary, so stop tossing them at passerby)
- A Fridge with proper cooling system. If you put it inside and it heats up, that mean you put it in a small fridge box aka what we call microwave here.

How to do this:

1. Chicken fillet, cut as desired
2. Ginger, sheared (adult's thumb size for 1/4 Kg of chicken), made into ginger juice (don't use up too much water)
3. Chicken is marinated in ginger juice, adds salt and (white) pepper (you can add instant seasoning if you want)
4. Keep it overnight in the refrigerator.
5. In the morning drain the water (Didn't know the English word for tiriskan, so thx to Badi and Hika for their input)
6. Beat some eggs (depends on how much chicken you've got)
7. Dip the chicken in the eggs
8. Roll it in flour
9. Dip in the eggs again
10. Roll in Quacker Oat (this is a Quacker Oat recipe duuh)
11. Fried till it's golden.
12. Best served with hot chili sauce.

Indonesian version:

Ok, thx berat untuk Susy Leo di Bekasi atas sumbangan resepnya. Bliau minjem juga sih dari pak Quacker Oat tapi kan gpp yah di share biar makin banyak yg beli Oatnya pak, wkwkwk

Ok, berikut ini yang harus disiapkan:
- jahe, garam dan merica secukupnya
- telur untuk rendaman biar tepung roti nempel sempurna
- tepung terigu
- ayam 1/2 kg atau lebih (di rumah gw yg makan rakus2 jadi harus lebih)
- kulkas

1. fillet ayam dipotong-potong sesuai selera
2. Jahe diparut (biasa utk 1/4 kg ayam, pakai jahe seukuran jempol orang dewasa)
dijadikan juice jahe (sedikit air
3. ayam direndam di juice jahe, ditambahkan garam+merica (kalu tetep mau ya tambah royco dikit)
4. disimpan di kulkas semalam
5. pagi-pagi ditirisin
6. ayam dicelup ke telur (kocokan telur)
7. diguling-guling ke tepung terigu
8. dicelup lagi ke telur
9. diguling-guling di quacker oat
10. digoreng mpe keemasan, kecuali loe suka yg agak2 pahit, goreng mpe agak kehitaman aja
11. jadi deh :> <--- gw tambahin, makan ama sambel botolan yg pedes, pasti makin mantabh

Good luck and let me know if it works, coz need proper and cleaner kitchen for me to try (which means the day after tomorrow YEAH!)


Susy Leo said...

Thanks banget Mbak :) aku belum bisa bikin blog... belum sempet belajar he he

Nadia said...

eh, lol. ini aja aku lama di telantarkan blognya hehehe thx to you, i finally posted sumthing ^-^

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