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May 21, 2010

Easy And Quick To Prepare - Fried Chicken In Soy Sauce

I asked mom to give me her recipe for Fried Chicken in Soy Sauce or as known as "Ayam Goreng Kecap" in Indonesia. Why this recipe, because whenever I see her cook this dish, it never takes too long to prepare and to cook. Considering what a lazy bum I am, no wonder this would be the first recipe I asked :)

OK, here goes:

1 chicken cut up into 8 pieces or more

For the sauce:

5 table spoons of sweet soy sauce (I'm not really sure its only this much because at home we use feeling, if the colour looks nicely brown, not too pale or too dark).
3 table spoons of butter/margarine
5 cloves of shallots, finely chops into thin slice
3 cloves of garlic (If you like more garlic, go ahead, use 5 cloves) grinds
3 cm of fresh ginger - thin slice and then chops into thin sticks
1 tea spoon of worcestershire sauce atau worcester sauce.
5 red chilies - not the bell pepper ones - cut into long lines, clean the seeds.
A pinch of pepper, salt and sugar.

a slice of lime

Fry the chicken till it's cooked and nicely browned. Set aside.

Heat the butter/margarine and saute the shallots, garlic, ginger, chillies in it. Pour the sweet soy sauce and the worcestershire/worcester sauce.Add a pinch of pepper, salt and sugar.

Add the chicken, cook until all sides are well cooked with the sauce. Pour onto a plate and squeeze the lime juice over.

Now, Fried Chicken in Soy Sauce is ready to be served.

I'm going to try this recipe myself.. Writing this makes me hungry and it's 11 at night x.x

Well, happy cooking and tasting~


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